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Apply for a program abroad

Since its creation, CIF-France has enabled the departure of more than 350 people who have been able to participate in programmes organised by the branches of different countries: Argentina, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Finland, Scotland, Greece, India, Italy, Slovenia, Netherlands, Estonia, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Morocco, United States, Taiwan.

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Marie-Noëlle Bailly – Responsible for the departure of the French abroad

Application procedure

The candidate contacts the CIF-France referent Marie-Noelle Bailly by email at contact@cif-france.org.

It is in charge of carrying out a pre-selection. Once the choice of the candidate is confirmed, he or she completes the CIF application form and the English application form for the country concerned. The Board of Directors approves the application if the profile and motivations are in line with the objectives of the CIF, and if the language level is considered sufficient to follow the programme of the chosen country.

It is the CIF-France referent, Marie Noëlle, who sends the file to the branch of the chosen country, with a recommendation from CIF-France written in the language of the chosen country. The branch then reserves the right to decide whether or not to accept the application.

More information

CIF-France is responsible for the selection of candidates, the evaluation of the mastery of the host country’s language (most often English), liaison with the country concerned, and the evaluation of the programme upon the return of participants. It informs candidates, and prepares them for their departure, when the file is validated by the branch concerned.

It is the role of the person responsible for the departure of the French abroad who is the candidate’s referent: Marie-Noëlle BAILLY.

During the final selection a participation of 100€ is requested for application fees and membership in the first year of the association.

Upon their return, their involvement in the life of the association is sought to allow them to be an active member in the life of the association for the sustainability of these programs.