International exchange programs in the social field

Over 23 years old, working in the social field and interested in professional and intercultural exchanges, CIF-France can allow you to participate in an international exchange program in a member country of CIF International, or in a French program if you are a professional from another country. A minimum of two years’ professional experience and fluency of English or the language of the host country are required to apply

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National Branches

CIF is present in 80 countries and has 31 branches worldwide. 24 of these branches organise programmes of varying lengths from 2 weeks to 1 year. These are organised on a voluntary basis by CIF members who have themselves benefited from an exchange programme.

Each CIF program is organized according to the same structure in which there is an international group, a welcome in volunteer families, an orientation seminar to understand the main issues of the country’s social organization, a period of professional immersion in social structures according to the participant’s expectations, and a time to evaluate the program.

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32nd International Congress in Kalamata (Greece) – 2017

A word from the President


The international health situation since March 2020 has changed the actions of our association. We hope to be able to organize face-to-face programs again from 2022 in France and around the world. We invite you to follow the information as soon as they are scheduled.

Since its creation in 1966, our association has aimed to promote international exchanges of professionals in the social field and socio-cultural animation in a spirit of peace, tolerance and better understanding of each other.

Everyone is a carrier of knowledge and therefore can participate in the construction of the CIF building by being involved in various actions according to their possibilities, their skills in a spirit of respect, exchange and acceptance of each other in their cultural, social differences etc.

The richness of the exchanges due to the professional and cultural diversity brings to those who participate a greater openness to the complexity of social developments. Our actions are based on the exchange of our respective practices and know-how. Our primary objective remains a better intercultural understanding through our field actions.

You will share with us our experiences, our projects, the life of the association. Our network extends to the different regions of France: professionals who have completed a CIF programme in one of the 25 organising countries, partners of institutions hosting foreign professionals, host families, European project partners and local authorities.

We continue to develop through European projects, to support our former participants to create a CIF branch in their country.

I invite you to discover the life of our association and its actions in France, Europe and the world.

In CIF, our motto was, is and always will be: “Let’s build bridges rather than walls”

We are ready for new professional meetings in a friendly atmosphere.

We look forward to sharing these exchanges with you.

Mireille Boucher

President of CIF France